Energy Management


Negotiate customized solutions from reputable energy suppliers to meet your unique budget and risk requirements.

Natural Gas

Evaluate the most cost effective gas procurement, storage and payment strategies.


Determine if Renewable Energy Certificates make sense for your triple bottom line.


Lighting Systems

Lighting Retrofits

Assess your facility for inefficient lighting, identify utility rebates, and design a turn-key solution.

Sensors & Controls

Provide mechanisms to increase efficiency, optimize comfort, and control remotely.

LED Technology

Implement LED technology when it makes sense functionally, financially, and aesthetically.


Solar Solutions


Evaluate solar viability, design, incentives and financing options.


Project management of system assembly and facility interconnection.

Performance Monitoring

Post-project reporting to demonstrate energy production and realized savings.


Smart Home

Smart Thermostat

Intuitively understands when to turn on your heating or cooling equipment based on your home's unique energy profile or control it remotely from your mobile device.

Network Control

Programmable technologies to increase efficiency and remotely control your environment.

Professional Installation

Our technicians will install and program your new smart technology and put the full potential of this smart thermostat to work for you.


Energy Efficiency


Automation and efficiency improvements for heating and cooling systems.

Variable Frequency Drives

Installation of adjustable-speed drives to increase AC motor effectiveness.


Maximizing the sustainability of your building envelope.


Market Intelligence

Demand Response

Energy Curtailment – Voluntary reduction of your energy use for a financial incentive.

PLC Mitigation – Alerts to reduce demand during peak market conditions in an effort to decrease utility delivery costs.

Intelligence Software – Real-time visibility and reporting of your energy consumption to optimize budgeting and forecasting.

Utility Insight

EnergyStar Benchmarking – Assessment and certification of your energy consumption compared to industry peers.

Bill Auditing – Examine your past utility invoices for refundable errors and discrepancies.

Incentives & Rebates – Research and advise on all available rebates and tax incentives.

Smart Meters – Education and deployment options regarding interval meter programs.